Privacy And Cookie Policy

The privacy policy of every website is very important for the visitor to that website because this policy tells you everything that you need to know when you share your information with the website. At also, we ensure that our privacy policy is easy to understand so that you can be sure about the privacy of the information provided by you. We request you to read the complete privacy policy so that you will be able to understand it better.

Collection of information

Our website collects your information using two methods.

Direction information method:

This is the method in which we collect your information directly by asking you to fill a standard form where you will have to give information like your name, E-mail address, age, and birth date etc.

Indirect information method:

This method is called indirect method because the information is collected by the cookies set by our website on your computer or any mobile device. This information includes the IP address of your device, your preference of the products by the search you made through the device etc. This information is indirectly collected through the cookies as well as apps that you installed.

Safety of your information

Although this information is collected by our website, you can rest assured that it will not be shared with any third party by us. We will never make your information open to any outside third party. This information is only shared by us with our associates as well as advertisers so that they can provide you with relevant advertisements for a better experience. We only use the information collected by us for serving you better and for offering a better experience to you when you visit our website in future.

Policies regarding change in privacy policy

We retain the right to change our privacy policy as and when we deem fit depending on the requirements of the website. However, we ensure that we will notify all our visitors about the changes made in the privacy policy as and when the policy is modified on the website itself.

Cookie Policy

Welcome to and we would like you to get familiar with our cookie policy so that you will be able to make an informed decision about keeping them or rejecting or deleting them. Before we start with the cookie policy of our website, it is important for you to understand what is meant by cookies.


The cookies are nothing but a type of text files that can be set on your computer or a mobile device like laptop or tablet or a smartphone when you visit a website. These cookies help us recognize you when you visit our website again. So it can be said that these are the identification tools used by us to recognize if you are visiting our website for more than once.

Benefits of cookies

The cookies are beneficial to both that is the website as well as the visitor as they help us in offering you a better service. Through these cookies, your preferences, and your requirements can be understood by us and we can offer you better assistance while you are searching for a product or service. These cookies are also important for us as they help us in keeping a record of the visitors which is useful for analysis.
It is important to know that these cookies do not provide any personal information about the visitor and they do not make your device vulnerable to viruses.

Rejecting or deleting cookies

Although these cookies are harmless and are actually beneficial for you, you can delete them from your device if you wish to do so. There are different websites that can help you in this process and you can delete the cookies yourself as you just have to change the settings of your computer or laptop etc.

Policy change

WE use different types of cookies and these types can be changed by us anytime. even the cookie policy is prone to change at regular intervals and changes in the same will be notified to all the visitors to our website by posting the changes on our website itself.