Surprising Divorces of The Past Year (7 Images)

It appears like following 2016, which was a time of “acknowledging stuff”, Hollywood stars are beginning to follow up on their acknowledge and saying bye-bye to their huge others. While nothing more should be said in regards to Brad and Angelina, there are still a lot of revolting Hollywood separations to take a gander at. We should survey!

La and Carmelo Anthony

While the legal documents aren’t in yet, La Anthony put forth an incredible expression with her dress at the MET Gala a week ago by appearing with rings on each finger aside from where her wedding ring ought to be. Pressures are supposed to be high in the ‘Melo family after the New York Knicks star Carmelo was purportedly discovered being unfaithful. Once more, nothing is on paper, yet an unmistakable message has been sent. Nothing “melo” occurring here.

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